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Vintage sleds
I remember when I was very young, a ways back in time, my sisters, our friends and I used our sleds with 2 metal runners and wooden slats to lie or sit on to slide down our hilly side street by our house. We would take turns and was it ever fun. We looked forward to heavy snowfall every fall and winter. Occasionally, we would find someone that owned a toboggan where we could all pile on and that was great also.   After sledding, we would always go to one of our homes for hot cider or

Pinzgauer for Sale. Pinzgauer Military Utility Vehicles for Sale. The Pinzgauer is a family of military utility vehicles, which are all-terrain 4WD (4X4) and/or 6WD (6X6). The Pinzgauer is considered about the most capable of all-terrain vehicles ever made. It can carry more troops than the American Humvee, but is not as fast. The 4X4 and the 6X6 can both tow 11,023 pounds on the road; and can tow 3,307 pounds or 3,968 pounds, respectively, off road. It can go for 249 miles on one tank of fue

Sidecar for Sale
Motorcycle Sidecars for sale. A SIDECAR is like a tricycle having one wheel that is attached to a motorcycle or scooter. On January 7, 1903 the British Newspaper "Motor Cycling" issued a cartoon of a sidecar attached to a motorcycle, by George Moore. Three weeks later W. J. Graham of Graham Brothers took advantage of the cartoon and got a provisional patent of the Sidecar. Jonathan A. Kahn partnered with him to begin production Photo - 1954 BMW R68 with Steib sidecar by Jeff Dean, Madison,

Sand Rails
The Sand Rail or Sand Car is just a lightweight motor vehicle. They are built for off-road terrain with high flotation tires, which allows the car to skim over the sand without getting stuck. It has a low center of gravity that lets it turn even on the face of a sand dune. Most of the other off-road vehicles are top-heavy. The Sand Rails are built from tubular frame chassis that is in combination with an integrated roll cage. This vehicle has no doors, windows, fenders or body panels. Typically

Dune Buggy Kits
If you wish to build your own Dune Buggy, the LT2 plans are available and easy directions for assembling. When you build your own it is a real personal accomplishment you will be very proud to show off. LT2 Plans or LT2 Kit sets are available. You can put a variety of motors in the LT2 Kit. It has an 18 hp industrial Briggs & Stratton Motor up to a 200 hp snowmobile or super bike motor. The Kit is constructed from a 1-1/4 inch steel tube, and there are on the Web a full line of parts and

Go Karts
Go Karts for sale. Go-Karts are available in many different shapes and forms. It is a small four-wheeled vehicle. Some are motorless and some are high-powered racing machines. Then, there are the Superkarts that are able to beat racing cars on long circuits. The simplest type of go-kart is the Gravity Racers referred to as soapbox carts. The Amusement Park go-karts usually have a single seat and powered by 4-stroke engines or electric motors. There are commercial enterprises that rent go c

Kenworth Trucks
Kenworth Trucks and Parts for Sale. (Real, Not Toys can be found below) The Kenworth Company was founded by brothers George T. and Louis Gerlinger, Jr. in Portland, Oregon in 1912. Kenworth is based in Renton, Washington and manufacturers of medium and heavy duty Class 8 trucks. Kenworth is a subsidiary of PACCAR and a former manufacturer of transit buses and school buses. The Gerlingers owned the truck dealership known as The Gerlinger Motor Car Works. They decided to build their own truc

Inflatable Snow Globes
Inflatable Snow Globes for Sale. Christmas Inflatable Snow Globes. These make wonderful outdoor Christmas Decorations. The Inflatable Globe will fill your yard with visitors.These large globes are typically used for decoration in front yards and lighted internally with a few night-light type incandescent light bulbs. These lights are enclosed in plastic spheres to prevent heat damage to the fabric. Since 2005 inflatable snow globes are used in many United States stores as part of their Chri