Frequently Asked Questions

SirGo is an internet publishing system for people who like to write about their passions.  Unlike other systems, SirGo offers you the ability to earn money from your writings and offers the most lucrative affiliate/membership system on the web. 

How does SirGo work?

1) You register as a member on our system and enter your PayPal email address and/or your Amazon affiliate ID in your profile.
2) You create a Topic/Article using our easy to use wizards and modules.
3) You publish your article.

What Languages can I write my pages in?

Currently, we only support the English language. Any pages written in a language other than English, will be removed from the system.  The reasoning behind this is that the system has trouble with other languages and often results in broken links.  Additionally, most of our staff read and write English and we do not have the capital to hire people to proof read in another language.  This may change in the future, but currently we have to operate this way.

How do I earn money?

There is currently only one way of earning money on SirGo:

Amazon Affiliate Sales

There are Amazon modules and Text/HTML modules that you can add to your Articles when you create the article.  If you have registered a Amazon Affiliate ID with our system, these ads will rotate on a 5 by 5 basis, meaning your id will be used 5 times then our id will be used 5 times.  This rotation can be increased up to a 9 x 1 rotation by purchasing a membership. Any sales made on Amazon, using your affiliate id, will result in a commission for yourself.  This revenue is completely controlled by Amazon and we do not issue payment for these commissions.  Additionally, our affiliate program does not influence these commissions in any way.

Other Advertising

Other advertising is allowed on SirGo, with the exception of AdSense, and will always be allowed.  However, we do reserve the right to start revenue sharing with those partner networks at any time.  If we do perform modifications to the system to start revenue sharing with these other advertising networks, it will be a default of a 5 x 5 rotation basis with the same increase available with memberships as is available using Amazon and eBay.

When do we remove pages?
We do not just remove pages because they are old. On a monthly basis, we look at only unpublished pages and if the last time they were modified is older than 3 months, then we will consider that a dead page and remove the page from our system in order to conserve resources.  
There is one other way that a page will be deleted from the system. We inspect every new or modified page on the system.  If we find that the majority of the wording is duplicated content from elsewhere on the web, we will delete that page.  This is done to protect the integrity of the system and to allow for good rankings of other members pages.  Don't forget, if there is a bunch of duplicate or spammed content on the site, it affects every page on the site.
What does all of this cost?

Nothing.  Our system is completely free to register and earn from.